Why You Should Consider Buying a Waste Tire Cutter

//Why You Should Consider Buying a Waste Tire Cutter

Why You Should Consider Buying a Waste Tire Cutter

Cutting up tires which need to be disposed off is an effective and simple solution with the help of a waste tire cutter. By using the waste tire cutter, whole tires can neatly and efficiently be taken care of and they can be ready for the landfill. These allow companies to save time and money.

Why Tires Should Be Cut Up?

According to the law in most countries, it is required for whole tires to be cut up and buried in landfills. In turn, every company has to ensure that the rules and regulations of their individual state are followed. The question is what does this do for recycling? It ends up reducing the tire size volume from 70 to 75 percent which results in the reduction of landfill space. If 1400 to 1500 whole tires are buried in a pile about 20 feet down in a landfill and capped for 20 years, the tires would work their way to the top between the methane gas and air pockets.

The tires would need to be dug up and removed as a result of the above. Once the whole tires have been cut up into smaller pieces and do not rise to the surface, it helps reduce the health and hazardous risks that are generally associated with whole tires. There are many other advantages of this process as well as explained below.

  • Most landfills would consider cut tires as compared to regular garbage as it helps eliminate expensive tire disposal costs.
  • Cut tires may be used to cover filtration, erosion control and landfills.
  • The tires that are cut would not hold water unlike regular whole tires. This helps reduce the breeding of mosquitoes.
  • The waste tire cutter machine provides the advantage of large output, not easy to block the network, low temperature and it can even run continuously non-stop.

Main Structure

The main structure of the waste tire cutter machine includes a control cabinet, cyclone separator, conveying device, fan, screen device, grinder chamber, and motor.

Structural Principle

High quality cemented carbide or wear-resistant steel is used by the waste tire cutter machine to make the ideal cutting tools. The machine is durable and can be used for crushing materials that are of different hardness and materials. The crushed material would be conveyed to the cyclone separator using a strong fan.

The machine is equipped with an air cooling and water cooling which help effectively control the crushing temperature and allow for an increased output to be achieved, while ensuring that the quality of the crushed materials has not been compromised.

Ideal Solution

When it comes to meeting the rules and regulations set by the government and ensuring that minimal environmental impact is made by the business, a waste tire cutter should be used.

It offers many advantages and it is easy to use which makes it the ideal solution. The best thing about the waste tire cutter is the fact that it is inexpensive.

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