Why Should You Buy a Waste Paper Baler Machine

//Why Should You Buy a Waste Paper Baler Machine

Why Should You Buy a Waste Paper Baler Machine

When it comes to a waste paper baler machine, there is simply a necessity to get the machine for the business.  It offers many advantages to baling the recycling as compared to having the material hauled away loose. The term loose generally includes waste in skip bins. The baled material is the material which has been compacted in the baler machine and it has been tied using strapping, wire or string. The most common materials to be baled are paper and plastic. Here are some of the benefits of getting a waste paper baler machine.

Advantages of a Waste Paper Baler Machine

  • The baled paper can be source of revenue for the business. Most of the recycling companies even pay the business for the baled paper which is a win-win situation.
  • The loose paper would often be an overall cost as it would need to be removed and a skip bin would need to be hired. However, with the waste paper baler machine, there would be no need to incur this cost.
  • Labor costs would be reduced due to the baler.
  • The baled material helps reduce the risk of any possible fire hazard from occurring.
  • The trip hazards are reduced due to the baled material.
  • Unlike waste compactors, waste paper baler machines are significantly cheaper.
  • Less fuel is used for shipping the baled material. The shipping of loose materials requires the need for a garbage truck which would need to make several trips to the recycling center, whereas the baler eliminates these trips and the material could be shipped in greater quantity.
  • The baling material actually allows one to track their recycling process. The loose quantities can be estimated which are recycled.
  • Clean recycling goods are created by baling which would only be further recycled.
  • Much less space is taken up by balers as compared to a full sized waste compactor.
  • The recycling output of the business would be improved by balers, especially when the balers are placed indoors.

Waste Paper Baler Machine Features

The machine is used for baling waste paper, newspapers, book, cardboard and other similar products which have special paper packaging or extrusion forming. They help achieve a reduced transport volume, save on freight costs and allow the enterprise to become more efficient. Below are some of the features of the waste paper baler machine.

  • The machine uses touch-screen controls, PLC control and can adjust the length of the bale size.
  • Fully automatic bale which increases working efficiency.
  • The right, left, upper directions make use of a float type shrink mouth design which is good to separate fully on automatic. The baler presses many different types of materials.
  • Knifes are added on the feeding entrance which increases the cutting efficiency.
  • It comes with a low noise hydraulic design that is highly efficient and has fewer faults.
  • The machine is easy to install and there is no need for a floor foundation.
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