What Should One Pay Attention To When Using the Hydraulic Gantry Shear Machine

//What Should One Pay Attention To When Using the Hydraulic Gantry Shear Machine

What Should One Pay Attention To When Using the Hydraulic Gantry Shear Machine

One of the most preferred equipment that is used for cutting scrap steel, scrap iron or for receiving scrap steel is the automatic gantry shear machine. The machine has a large shearing force, high efficiency, fully automatic shearing, stable operation, and a fast shearing speed. Hydraulically driven for shearing is used for reliable safety and easy operation.

The cutting machine blade is available for lengths of 1200mm, 1000mm, 800mm, 700mm, and 600mm. While, on the other hand, shear force is available from 60 tons to about 800 tons for several grades which makes it suitable for different purposes.

A foot screw is not required by the device and the diesel engine may be used as the energy source when there is no power. The hydraulic gantry shear machine is suitable for receiving processing plants, metal cutting, scrapping car dismantling fields, receiving companies, metal receiving, forging enterprises, smelting, scrap steel mills, cold-cutting, various metal structures, and grid filling of various shapes of steel.

Due to their important characteristics, it is not difficult to see why gantry shears are used by some industries such as for smelting, metal processing. It is through the use of gantry shear machines that metal differentiation shearing is possible which helps improve the efficiency.

Important Things to Pay Attention To

When it comes to gantry shears, there are certain things that one has to pay attention to as explained below.

  • There needs to be sufficient steel piles right around the gantry shear machines.
  • The migration transformation components should normally have a protective cover.
  • It is vital to check whether the blade has cracks or the blade has been securely fastened.
  • Prevent the shear from crossing the steel bars directly and the red-burning steel bars that are specified by the machine. When there are multiple steel bars that are being sheared at the same time, it is important to convert the cross section of all the steel bars and to adjust the gantry shear blades so as to avoid any accidents from occurring.
  • The high-hardness blade should be replaced when cutting the low-alloy steel bars.
  • It is strictly forbidden to clean the debris during the operation of the gantry shearing machine near the knife edge by hand and to ensure that ideal personnel is stopped on the spot from doing so.
  • The machine should be immediately switched off and overhauled when there is a gantry shear blade that is found to be tilted abnormally.
  • It is strictly forbidden to overload the operation when the gantry shears are working. Do not cut the excess thickness position or push the short materials into the gantry using hands.
  • The gantry shear should be maintained on a daily basis as the operation load is normally large and should be cleaned every time to ensure that the gantry shear is stable.
  • Non-operating personnel should not be permitted to operate the machine without proper authorization.
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