Reasons To Buy Hydraulic Metal Baler

//Reasons To Buy Hydraulic Metal Baler

Reasons To Buy Hydraulic Metal Baler

A hydraulic metal baler presses for metal scrap, plastic, alloy scrap/ ferrous metal and alloy scrap/ non-ferrous metal in various forms. There are many companies that offer hydraulic metal balers and it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. Due to the increase in automation, more businesses have started to utilize hydraulic metal balers to become more competitive.

The best thing about hydraulic metal balers is the fact that they are highly automated and yet very simple in operation through the two manually operated direction control value. One of these would press the scrap and the other would operate the top lid. The single compact units would mount over the channel as well since there is manual front door operation for opening and closing. There are many benefits of using a hydraulic metal baler which is what this post looks at. Some of the advantages of the balers are as follows.

Advantages of Hydraulic Metal Baler

  • Fully automatic operations.
  • High speed.
  • Low energy consumption but fast production rate.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Extremely affordable.
  • Most of the reliable hydraulic metal balers are internationally reputed.
  • Hand lever operated models and full automatic models are available.
  • The balers can either be used for non-ferrous and ferrous scrap materials.
  • The balers can be modified/ designed according to the required bale weight, density and size.
  • Low maintenance costs and user-friendly balers.
  • Can be easily operated by one person.
  • Machine companies regularly test the machines prior to their delivery which leads to only good-quality machines being offer.
  • They come with many safety features.
  • Full bale ejection

Used for Various Industries

The hydraulic baling machine is normally suitable for recycling processing industries, steel works, ferrous and non-ferrous metal smelting industries. It is able to extrude any type of metal leftover materials steel shavings, waste aluminum and waste copper into qualified charging such as octagon baby, cylinder, cuboid and other shapes. The purpose of the hydraulic metal baler is to reduce the costs of smelting and transportation.

Features of Hydraulic Metal Baler

  • The hydraulic driving has been adopted for all types of machines. The PLC automatic or manual control operations are optional.
  • There is no need for foundation bolts for installation. The diesel would be equipped as power in place without the power supply.
  • Baler out type such as front push, turn over and side push.
  • The extruding force has about 8 classes anywhere from 63 tons to 44 tons and the production efficiency is from 0.5 tons an hour to 20 hours an hour.
  • The bale size and chamber box size may be customized according to the requirements of the client, and one can choose the blades for the chamber box.


With so many advantages, it is obvious why people consider a hydraulic metal baler as the optimal solution. Make sure to research about the brand that you buy the baler from.

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