Waste Tire / Rubber / Plastic Pyrolysis Machine

//Waste Tire / Rubber / Plastic Pyrolysis Machine
Waste Tire / Rubber / Plastic Pyrolysis Machine 2019-07-13T17:13:44+08:00

Waste Tire / Rubber / Plastic Pyrolysis Machine

I. Technical features

1. During thermal cracking, the key points are adopting horizontal dual drive rotating structure, secondary catalytic pyrolysis processes and products of chemical extraction techniques. The adoption of new catalyst formulations group successfully solves the issue of bad smell and color. The equipment design is reasonable, has advanced manufacturing technology, uses high degree of automation,  and safety facilities.                     

2.Waste gas & water

a.Waste gas:

Was gas during process will be managed through two safe devices: water seal and burning air nozzle to make sure gas be totally reused as fuel. That not only eliminates danger, but also save energy. For smoke dust discharge, we apply series machines of ZTC desulphurization and dust remover which can ensure gas consists of water and CO2 to meet environment standard. There is no waste gas pollution.

b.Waste liquid:

In the process of waste gas management, use small amount alkaline water to make acidic gas neutralization and then liquid evaporates during whole pyrolysis processing.There is no waste liquid pollution.

c.Waste solid:

Main solids consist of carbon black and steel wire as tire for example. Carbon black will be automatically sent out from taphole and can be used as fuel to heat the reactor or sell. Carbon black and steel wire can make benefit and energy-saving. So there is no waste solid.

3.Oil extraction

**Tire (oil extraction): 45%

**Plastic and products based plastic (oil extraction): 65%

**Rubber and products based rubber (oil extraction): 50%

Will get final products(raw material: tire for example):

**Heavy crude oil: 45%

**Carbon black: 37%

**Steel wire: 13%

**Gas: 5%

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