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1200mm tire Cutter


All kinds of rubber blocks and strips can be cut off at will. It is suitable for cutting rubber such as inclined rubber tire, steel wire tire and rubber strip.

Structure and Principle:

The machine is composed of motor, hydraulic system, working cylinder, a pair of blades, frame and rotating mechanism. Its basic principle is that the hydraulic system and cylinder are driven by the motor, and the tire is placed between the two blades. First, the tire between the two blades is locked by the locking cylinder, and then the moving blade is rotated by the cutting cylinder, so that the two blades form a shearing potential to achieve the shearing effect.


The equipment has the advantages of large shearing, good shearing effect, fast shearing speed, low energy consumption, small volume and convenient movement. Because of the use of hydraulic system, it is easy to operate and safe.

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