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Rubber Powder Pulverizer

The new Rubber Powder Pulverizer designed and manufactured by our company has greatly improved the following shortcomings of the old Rubber Powder Pulverizer:

  1. The manufacturing accuracy of the old Rubber Powder Pulverizer and its grinding disc is low, and the phenomenon of eccentric wear is serious, which leads to the frequent occurrence of paste wear and even fire accidents.
  2. Because of the accuracy and other structural design reasons, the old Rubber Powder Pulverizer leaks seriously, and some materials must be grinded back in actual production. It costs much more labour and electricity.

Our company designed and manufactured a new type of rubber grinding machine with maximum feed size of 5 mm, which can produce 80 meshes directly.

Rubber powder of 100 mesh and more than 120 mesh. And there is no recycling in the production process, and all materials can reach the standard once processed.

Screening residue is controlled between 6-8%, which greatly saves labor and electricity.

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