Fiber Separator

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Fiber Separator

Fiber separator is a kind of air separation equipment with excellent performance. It is used to separate fibers mixed in rubber particles and rubber powder, so as to improve the purity of rubber powder and rubber particles and the quality of rubber powder products. Its structure mainly includes: motor, feeding pipe, large impeller, blade disc, distributor, adjusting plate, upper cylinder, lower hammer, frame, etc.

According to the difference of raw materials and fiber content, the air rise of windshield can be adjusted without shutdown, and the inclination angle of large impeller can also be adjusted to obtain pure rubber powder and rubber particles. The adjustment is convenient and the structure is reasonable.


1.Equipment operates at low speed, adopts air flow automatic circulation, no friction components, long service life, high sorting efficiency and low energy consumption.
2.Fibers can be separated up to 99% with high sorting accuracy.
3.Operating under full-sealed negative pressure, no dust and low noise in production site, etc.

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