Double Hook Tire Debeader

///Double Hook Tire Debeader
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Double Hook Tire Debeader

Double hook Tire wire drawing machine is a kind of equipment which pulls out two strands of steel wire in the tire lip at room temperature. Its main purpose is to prolong the service life of the following equipment cutter and prepare for the follow-up treatment of waste tires. Its structure mainly includes: motor, tire baffle, pull hook, car, frame, wire drawing cylinder, wire pressing cylinder, hydraulic station and other parts.

Working Principle of Equipment:

The motor drives the double oil pump to run at high speed through the coupling to provide high-pressure oil, thus driving the piston to and fro. When the equipment starts to run, the drawing cylinder drives the pulling hook installed in the car to pull out the steel wire in the tire lip, and the pulling cylinder is reset after the steel wire is pulled out, so as to carry out cyclic and reciprocating movement. During the working process, the V-shaped pressing block on the pressing cylinder presses the newly drawn steel wire on the drawing hook at the set position to prevent the steel wire from drawing. Slip and steel wire pull out and rebound to injure people.

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