Y82 Series Hydraulic Non-Metal Baler

///Y82 Series Hydraulic Non-Metal Baler
Y82 Series Hydraulic Non-Metal Baler 2019-07-14T13:51:55+08:00

Y82 Series Hydraulic

Non-Metal Baler

Y82 series non-metal hydraulic baling machine, which is widely used to compress and pack the relaxed goods such as cotton, yarn, wool and other products. The compressed package block has the uniform outer dimension and the large density and proportion, which is suitable for container transportation.

Product Features

1. Packing pressure is range from 25 tons to 200 tons

2. This series adopts the upper oil cylinder without the requirements of underground foundation. It is easy to install andconvenient to operate.

3. This baler adopts hydraulic automatic door, easy operation, safe and reliable.

4. This series applies to many aspects, such as wool, waste paper, hay, straw, sponge, cotton, cotton yarn, clothes, PET bottles, coconut fiber, life rubbish, plastic, used clothes, waste tires, stainless steel and so on, main function isreduce the volume and save freight, easy to store.

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