Y81 Series Metal Hydraulic Baler

///Y81 Series Metal Hydraulic Baler
Y81 Series Metal Hydraulic Baler 2019-07-14T13:55:56+08:00

Y81 Series Metal Hydraulic Baler

Y81 series metal hydraulic baling machine is mainly suitable for the steel works, recycling processing industries,  non-ferrous and ferrous metal smelting industries. It can extrude any kinds of metal leftover materials steel shavings, waste copper and waste aluminum into qualified charging such as cuboid, cylinder, octagon baby and other shapes. The purpose is to reduce the costs of transportation and smelting.

Product Features

1. The hydraulic driving is adopted for all types of machines. The manual or PLC automatic control operations are optional.

2. No need foundation bolts for installation. The diesel be equipped as power at the place without power supplying.

3. Bale out type: turn over, side push, front push.

4. Extruding force has 8 classes from 63 tons to 400 tons and production efficiency is from 0.5 tons per hour to 20 tons per hour.

5. The chamber box size and bale size can be customized client’s requirements, can choose blades for the chamber box.

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