Q91Y Series Automatic Gantry Shear

///Q91Y Series Automatic Gantry Shear
Q91Y Series Automatic Gantry Shear 2019-07-16T22:52:18+08:00

Q91Y Series

Automatic Gantry Shear

For all kinds of production and life use scrap non-ferrous metal (stainless steel, copper, etc. )directly cut into the required size. Room size, suitable for a wide range of materials. PLC automatic control, High efficiency, shear length can be adjusted at any time.

The application of hydraulic gantry shearing machine solves the crushing problem of large-scale heavy waste furnace material. It is used in rolling mills, metallurgical plants, scrap steel treatment and recycling units as a metallurgical furnace material treatment and profile cutting equipment. The gantry shear tonnage produced by our company is 200-1800 tons. The shear opening width of the conventional shear machine is 600-2000 mm. It is suitable for light and thin steel, steel bar, steel plate, nickel plate, round steel, steel pipe, scrap copper, scrap iron, light metal structural parts, stainless steel, metal pressing block, automobile body, aluminium alloy, copper, iron scrap, steel wire. Crushing of heavy waste and winding materials which can not be handled by scrap crushing equipment, such as automobile, metal pressing block, etc. The efficiency of this series of equipment can reach 3-6 times per minute according to the model because of the use of electro-hydraulic control system and reinforced cylinder.

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