How to Use the Waste Tire Recycling Machine & System and Its Advantages

//How to Use the Waste Tire Recycling Machine & System and Its Advantages

How to Use the Waste Tire Recycling Machine & System and Its Advantages

Since the dawn of the 21st century, businesses have started to automate many processes and are always on the lookout for automating certain processes. One of the machines which offers many advantages and allows the business to recycle its tires, while also doing it in a profitable is done by the waste tire recycling machines.

There are many processes that are involved in the waste tire recycling machine and they make use of pyrolysis technology to provide the business with many benefits. Here is how the system should be used.

How to Use the Machine?

  • The steel wire in the tire sidewall would have to be pulled out and then the tire would need to be cut into bulks. In case the diameter of the tires is less than 1200mm, this step does not need to be followed. The tires would then be cut into small pieces with the help of the comprehensive shredder. The tire bulks will be crushed or the whole tires diameter less than 1200mm would be cut into small 2 to 5 cm pieces.
  • The tire pieces would be fed into the pyrolysis reactor using the sealed screw conveyor. The fuels in the burning room would be fired and the fuels could either be LPG, natural gas or diesel. The pyrolysis reactor uses high technology that offers a long service life time.
  • The hot air would flow into the reactor in order to heat. As the inner temperature of the reactor reaches the desired degree, the oil gas would then be generated. Then, the oil gas would go into the manifold first. The heavy particles in the manifold would be liquefied into heavy oil and they would be dropped in the heavy oil tank. Then, the light oil would rise up and the damping tank will reduce the moving speed of the oil gas.

Advantages of Waste Tire Recycling Machine

There are many advantages provided by the waste tire recycling machine. These are explained as follows.


The small furnace door design of the tire recycling plant is safe and stable. It has been equipped with an explosion-proof valve, automatic alarm system, and safety valve to ensure 100 percent safety. High-temperature sealed automatic sagging system is adopted by the plant and it is completely close. Hence, there are no chances of dusty flying phenomenon on the site. The machine is easy to install and can be used immediately.

Environmental Protection

The flue tube condenser of the machine cools the exhaust gas that is discharged from the brunet in order to protect the exhaust fan as well as improve the dust removal effect. The temperature of the final flue gas discharged is about 75 degrees. The machine helps conserve the environment by providing the business with a cost-effective and environmental solution to its energy problems. Furthermore, the emission of waste tire processing meets the international emission standard that allows for a pollution-free environment.

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