How to Choose a Waste Plastic Baler Machine

//How to Choose a Waste Plastic Baler Machine

How to Choose a Waste Plastic Baler Machine

One of the most important questions that businesses have is how to choose a waste plastic baler machine. A waste plastic baler machine helps companies solve their waste plastic problems which include waste plastic containers, waste plastic bags, waste plastic bottles, plastic film, pet bottles and etc. Some of the things that the machine does are that it handles special packaging, reduces transport volume, increases efficiency and saves freight costs.

Features of a Waste Plastic Baler Machine

  • Touch-screen control and PLC control are offered by the machine to adjust the length of bale size.
  • The upper, right, and left directions use the float type shrink mouth design which is good for separating fully on automatic. Different kinds of materials are pressed by the baler.
  • The fully automatic bale increases the working efficiency of the machine.
  • The pressure cylinder and press have a good reliability and offer a long service lift.
  • Cutting efficiency is excellent as there are knives that have been added on the feeding entrance.
  • It is a low noise hydraulic design which has fewer faults and higher efficiency.
  • There is no need of floor foundation which makes the machine easy to install.

How to Consider a Waste Plastic Baler Machine?

When it comes to considering a baler, there are certain points that need to be taken into account.

Size of Baler

The baler size that is required needs to be considered. This can be determined by looking at the amount of waste that the business generates which would be calculated by the number of bins there are. The size of the material would also need to be taken into account. The space and potential location is the third consideration. If the space is tight or you are looking to free up some valuable space for other uses, a small compact baler is the right choice.

Type of Material

Just about any recyclable material can be baled, crushed or compacted. One of the most common materials, are soft plastics and cardboard. These are usually compacted in the standard balers.

Buying or Renting

This depends entirely on the budget of the organization and whether the baler machine is needed for long term or short term purposes. Sometimes, renting a baler might be the best idea as the invaluable extras and service would be offered such as free delivery, servicing, advice, maintenance, training and installation. Make sure to check that the company you buy from does not have any hidden costs as these could easily bring up the costs. However, if you need the baler machine for long term purposes then buying might be the best option.

Maintenance and Servicing

Finally, when it comes to baler machines, maintenance and servicing on a regular basis are a given. Every type of baler needs servicing on an annual basis. Therefore, make sure that the company that you buy or rent from offers a decent servicing contract separately in order to avoid having to pay high costs.

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