Everything You Need to Know About Waste Tire Recycling Machine System

//Everything You Need to Know About Waste Tire Recycling Machine System

Everything You Need to Know About Waste Tire Recycling Machine System

The waste tire recycling machine system is used to dispose of the waste rubber in order to fuel oil using the pyrolysis technology. Waste rubber such as waste tires have a high utilization value and offer a large amount of renewable resource for the environment.

Even though, waste rubber like waste tires account for less than one percent of the total amount of solid waste. It still offers businesses with a huge opportunity to cash on. They can contribute to a more eco-friendly environment.

What is the Waste Tire Recycling Machine System?

Since the boom of our economy and the development of society as a whole, there has been a shortage of momentum energy and it is only likely to increase. Energy has become a huge factor to the development of a country in recent years. Therefore, exploring renewable energy has become a vital task. It is due to this situation that the waste tire recycling machine system has been introduced, to not only convert waste into energy, but to also help relieve the looming energy crisis.

The equipment of the tire recycling plant has proven to be one of the most profitable techniques to recycling tire waste. The machine takes advantage of the high temperature heating and the special catalyst which successfully converts the waste tire into oil, steel wire and carbon rubber. The tire recycling machine system is suitable for raw materials such as medical waste, oil sludge, plastics and rubber too.

Applications of the End Products from the Tire Recycling Machine System

  • Steel wire: About 12 percent steel wire is recycled out of the tire and it can either be repurposed or sold directly.
  • Carbon black: Another product that would be created using the pyrolysis technology is carbon black. About 35 percent of carbon black would be repurposed through the plant and it can be used as main ingredient or raw material for various industries. Carbon black that is produced by the machines is more economical as compared to the one produced through petroleum.
  • Fuel oil: The main end product from the machine is oil. It accounts for about 45 percent of the final product and can be used extensively for commercial or industrial purposes. The tire oil can even be further refined into gasoline or diesel for wider applications and higher values.
  • Combustible gas: It accounts for 8 percent of the overall end product and it can be recycled to heat reactors as fuel which helps save fuel energy and costs.

Working Processes of Tire Pyrolysis Process

  • Whole tires had to be shredded into small pieces by the shredder machine before the pyrolysis technology.
  • The steel wire should be pulled out in the tire sidewalk. Then, they need to be cut into bulks. In case, the diameter of the tire is below 1200, then it should not be done. The tires would be able to pill with ease and can be done for other cars too.
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